Fuel Efficiency Diesel i-DTEC auto

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    i have a 2008 ex gt. like car very much but would like an auto any one have one and need to know MPG and the fact its only 5 speed thanks
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    Re: diesil auto

    We've had our 2010 I-DTEC auto for three months now. I think the autobox is very good, after not knowing what to expect. It's better than the one on our Prelude Vti and the steering wheel paddles work well. Knocking around it does 40mpg (UK equivalent because we are in France) and it goes up on a run. On a longish motorway run it will show just over 50mpg. I suppose the average is about 45-48mpg. I am happy with that - not only because diesel in France is the equivalent of about £1.17 a litre.
    See my thread on here titled 'Is there diesel and diesel?'
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    United Kingdom Jason Dudley, UK
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    Re: diesil auto

    Country (D) roads in France are very quiet compared to the UK; N (A) roads are not bad and are often dual-carriageway; autoroutes (motorways) are also often very quiet once you are away from major cities. I am in a lucky position. If the weather ever improves and I get to the UK this summer I'll see how it affects the car and update this.
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    Belgium Aalst
    Auto-versions definitley give lower MPG's.
    - I know somebody with a 2010 I-DTEC Tourer auto. He's very happy with that car. Don't know his fuel consumption. Guess it's very good, he does a lot of highway.
    - One of my colleagues used to have a 2010 I-DTEC Tourer auto, but due to short distance drivining, he needed over 9 l/100km.
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    Depends what sort of motoring you want, doesn't it? I don't mind sacrificing a few MPG for the convenience of not having all this gear-changing hassle. I don't really know how changing gear yourself every few seconds or minutes ever caught on!
    Mind you, i would still prefer a 2.4 petrol auto and to hell with the expense. But i am in France and they just don't exist.
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    Brilliant motor, I get around 38mpg running on Shell diesel, not the expensive stuff though just normal.
    On a motorway run only you'd get 42 -45 ish,mines 50/50 stop start long journeys get around 500 to tank
    13ish gallons
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    thanks for all imfo on auto box i do 25% a roads 75& motorway so i will have no worrys going back to auto box thanks ken
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    Got a 61 plate Auto 2.2 I-DTEC and drive it cautiously. Mostly Mway commute and getting just over 50mpg.

    When tempted to boot it then this goes down significantly!
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    I guess question is then how loud is it at 70-75mph and with 5-speed what sort of revs are we talking about... with the manual its just a notch over 2k RPM.

    Also bear in mind the RFL is about £30 more on autos because of higher CO2.
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    It's very quiet at 75mph/110kph at about 2,100rpm. It doesn't matter how many ratios are in the box, it's the end result in the highest gear isn't it? I think the Honda 5-speed auto is the best part of the car and the best auto they have ever made - and I go back to 'Hondamatic' days. Stirring around 6 gears or more myself holds no attraction for me whatever.
    In France there is no difference in the registration fee between manual and auto and you only pay it once. Aren't I the lucky one?