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    I have just moved from owning a focus diesel and I had a tuning box for it and it greatly improved the torque and power of car.
    I have seen some for sale for the accord. is there any particular manufacturer or tuner I should look out for and any to avoid.
    If anyone has any previous experience or any one to recommend please share.
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    Hi bud are you bothered about reliability after a diesel remap ? they are numerous cases of remaps causing damage on Honda diesels

    if you are not bothered then your back street garage can upload a file to your car.
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    yeh reliability is part of the reason I moved to a honda from ford so perhaps I should leave it
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    Tuning have good and bad sides to it,if you want reliability then stay away from it.
    Read this and make up your own mind.

    Remapping - read this
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    think i will be steering clear of remaps as the EGR was a big problem on my focus I had no idea it was to do with the remap
    (probally not the sole problem as focus commonly have a problem with the EGR valves but I bet my remap didnt help)
    well we live and learn
  6. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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