In-Depth Diesel Particulate Filters and Euro Five Emission Standard.

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    With the Euro five emissions being announced all manufactures had to comply and meet the expectations of this new law. DPF had has its share of public relation disasters and the much publicise horror stories of expensive repairs. With video clips of DPF blow outs and engine damage in their hundreds on YouTube and other social media, the DPF hate campaign is well ingrained which in turn increases the on-going concerns of its viability. This cascading scenario has no end in sight and at times mindless assault on a device which has been introduce to improve air quality. It would seem this hated technology will end up in an obscure list of badly designs and badly implemented devices.

    However I am amazed how gowning farce of the open publicity of DPF deletes being promoted due to such horror stories.
    The law is clear manufactures HAVE to install this to lower the suspended particles emitted by diesel engines , however there are pages of firms and individuals harping on it inefficiencies to remove DPF. According to the majority of them the underlying fact for their removal are as follows
    Better mileage.
    Fewer car breakdowns.
    No expensive filter replacements.
    Better performance.
    They normally by this time give comparative cost of expensive repairs bill for German cars drive home the point. On the flip side they are harping on the current MOT procedures which according to them are:-

    The DPF is not currently a legal requirement, nor is it currently needed for MOT test. The best solution is to remove the DPF from the exhaust system. Using a fabricated stainless steel pipe to replace the DPF not to mention throwing in the grade of steel for this pipe makes the whole thing the slick and give that professional touch. But at no time do they state this modification will increase suspended particles into the atmosphere the very reason this device was introduced.
    So here my dilemma we all want our cars to be more efficient less polluting, and manufactures are doing it as part of the Euro five legislation to improve our quality of air for our future generations. Yes the device has it flaws and has it problem.. is it morally acceptable for people to remove this device knowing this increase air pollution and the MOT inspection is too ambiguous to enforce it?.
    I kindly request the manufacturers to improve the DPF design and implementations, the law makers to close off this loophole to say what is legal and illegal when it comes to tampering with DPF. Fuel standard need to be brought in line to support such devices..