Diesel petrol or Electric ?

Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by vincemince, Friday 1st Apr, 2016.

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  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    It's a April fool day gag, an affordable hybrid ha :gotcha:
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  3. jimjams Guest

    not even a hybrid, it's electric only, 215 mile range, $35,000 price
    not sure if it is an April 1st joke or not, we'll have to wait until tomorrow
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    Tesla are on a roll here. this is going to be a massive hit and will basically kill off Nissan Leaf. You would think all these large manufacturers would have sped up their electric car roll out by now but no they are all busy making diesels. I think Tesla will only be limited by their production capacity as at this price the line will be endless.. Company owned stores, OTA updates, excellent customer service and the whole brand image means you won't be getting shoved around the dealerships..
    Tbh I can't wait for the day electric cars with decent range become cheap enough to become a city run around. no need to warm up no rustin exhausts just click and go. For weekends and coutrywide drive ofcourse fossil fuel vehicles would be better suited.
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  5. jimjams Guest

    ^ apparently Tesla have developed a better battery, beats me why the likes of Panasonic or Yuasa can't, maybe there's an omen in that for this Tesla 3

    Maybe the Tesla 3 will do the same thing to Tesla that the Sinclair C5 did to Sinclair ?