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    Hi all
    Forgive me if I'm not following protocol here, but haven't posted much. I'm the proud owner of a 2005 2.0l petrol Tourer Executive. Having driven Saabs for many many years, this is my first Honda and I absolutely love it. It has done 60,000 miles and I do about 7.5k miles a year. However, for family reasons that is about to change with the annual mileage about to go up to nearer 10k, so I've been thinking about changing it for a diesel version. However, having read some of the posts and answers here, I'm having second thoughts as they don't seem to be too popular, with the cons far outweighing any pros, especially on higher mileage ones. I can't spend a huge amount so still looking at pre-facelift models. I have found a couple locally, both 2006, pre-facelift, 2.2l diesel Executives, but with low-ish mileages, the favoured one having 59k miles on the clock. Is it worth considering at that mileage or not? If so, what should I look out for, and what should I expect? Or should I just stick with my petrol model?
    I'd appreciate any advice.
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    You will be personally better off with the 2.0 tourer is that low mileage diesel been serviced like clock work by the dealers if it hasn't it will bite you.
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    If you are only doing 10k in a year i would stay with your petrol.
    There fairly bullet proof .
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    Thanks Ichiban. So really what you're saying is that I should steer clear of diesels altogether and stick with petrol? I assume the petrol ones are generally more reliable? As I said, this is my first Honda, but having read reviews on Autotrader etc, they do seem to be pretty bombproof, so I kind of thought that would include the diesel.
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    Unfortunately, it doesn't include the diesels at the same calibre. Yes, compared to other manufacturers the diesels fair better than most, but it's petrol engines which are the top of the game and have that level of refinement and robust engineering which made Honda engines famous world wide to begin with.

    For the mileage, petrol does make most sense as diesels are higher maintenance especially once they last getting past 5-6 years old. For a lot of people, buying a diesel can be false economy.

    It's your decision and I'm sure you'd be pleased either way.
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    I do around 10k a year and went the other way round,from diesel to petrol and not regret it for a second.
    My vote is stick with petrol.
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    Stick with petrol it will go forever and ever! I have a diesel and whilst I've been lucky with it in the 4 years I've owned it and it's got 175k miles on the clock it is permanently in the back of my mind that there are too many things that COULD go wrong with it.... As for economy I struggle to get much over 44-46mpg out of it thats 50 mile monday and 50 mile friday (parked up all week) all motorway never over 80mph it does around 500-540 to a tank but thats £75....
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    Sorry I have spotted this till today , just clearing my backlog!

    If you have to get a diesel then you should stick to the 8th Generation provided it has had full main dealer service , stay well clear of lease cars as they never see a main dealer. Main dealers can update the ECU updates and that's what makes the car reliable. changing oil and routine maintenance just does not cut it on Honda diesels personally.

    But Petrol will just go on and on forever.