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    Good Morning, I have a 2004 2.2 CDTI estate and recently was set by a disaster that I have ashamedly buried my head in the sand. In short I took my car on a trip to the coast and on the way home the dreaded oil light came on. looking for a suitable place to stop I noticed a noise from the engine and a very distinct lack of power. Needless to say I had to be towed home and have left the car on the drive fearing the worst. The worst case scenario I fear is the oil pump chain being snapped but after speaking to various people they are saying it could be the Turbo giving up the ghost. I really don't want to scrap the car as I love driving it so thought I would ask for some input as to the possible cause of my problem before making any final decision. Not sure if the turbo going would lead to an oil pressure problem and I fear that the chain or pump not working caused the turbo to fail. Any assistance would be gratefully received..
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    Steve, sorry to hear of your troubles. I think easiest way to check would be to drop the sump and see what you can see.
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    Hi Steve sorry to hear about your issues, if the oil light came on whilst driving then in all likelihood the oil pump chain has snapped.

    if that is the case then the car is technically a write off unless you find a replacement engine. Please keep us posted and hopefully we can get a regalement engine on the cheap.
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    Hey bud sorry to hear your news. CJ prob correct I suspect may be chain I had a turbo go on a vw different i know all it did was no power no idea what would happen on an accord but i wouldn't have thought oil light would come on. Drain her and drop the sump you will quickly find out. Again sorry to hear your news.