Electrical & Lights Disabling door open 'beep'

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    Scotland Terry Fort William
    8th generation Accord Tourer i-tdec, 2009


    I would like to disable the 'door open' alarm (beep,beep) which occurs if the key is in the ignition and the door is opened.

    I find this annoying if cleaning the car and listening to music.

    Obviously, there must be some activating mechanism or relay within the ignition area of the car?

    Any ideas how to disable this?

    Cheers, Terry
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    Scotland Terry Fort William
    OK - I have removed the top and bottom cowls from the steering wheel assembly.

    This reveals a small green connector block at the side of the ignition barrel, 4 wires run out of it.

    If I disconnect this, it disables the 'door open beep' when the ignition key is inserted and so solves my problem.

    However, there are 4 wires coming from this removed connector, although, it doesn't seem to have disabled anything else of note when its disconnected. However, I would have thought other functions might have been affected.

    When I turn the key to its 'number 11 position' everything works as it should, the car starts and runs OK.

    I will run with the plug disconnected for a while to see if it has indeed disabled some other function which so far, I have not found.

    Any ideas as to any possible problems?

    Ideally, I would like to know which wire running out of the connector feeds the buzzer and then just sever this.

    Chees, Terry
  3. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Could do with a circuit diagram to work out what the wires are connected to.

    @jimjams @Ichiban ay possibilities of a wiring diagram in this area ?
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    Scotland Terry Fort William
    Thanks for your help SpeedyGee,

    In fact, I think I have sorted it!

    It seems that the wee green connector which I have unplugged serves two components:

    a) The door open beep/beep alarm when key is in the ignition and door is open.

    b) The gauges surround illumination when the key is entered into the barrel (though not turned).

    So........disconnecting the connector disables the beep/beep BUT it means the gauge surround doesn't light up until I turn the key to its first position.

    No other car I have owned illuminated the gauges until the key was turned so I can live with this minor/non existent 'issue'.

    Cheers, Terry

    PS - As a side issue someone suggested using gaffer tape on the push switch which is situated on the door pillar and released when the door is opened - the suggestion was to tape the pin in and so trick the cars brain into thinking the door was not opened even when it was. I soon discounted this as a solution since if the car thought the door had not been opened then the anti-theft automatic door locking system would kick in.
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  5. jimjams Guest

    I had a look at the circuit diagrams and tbh the 7th Generation circuit diagrams are fairly "readable", but not so the 8th Generation circuit diagrams, particularly an issue like this. There are nearly 40 pages of diagrams and the only way to use them for an issue like this would be to print them all out and join them up like a jigsaw puzzle, too many cross-references between pages. Plus there are two MICU's on the 8th Generation.
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    Lithuania Julius Vilnius
    @scotsgent Hello, i would love to have this feature!

    I have had old Civic (2006, I-CTDI, FK3) and it has the same annoying thing, i think all hondas has this. I do not understand why? Why to beep when you put keys into lock?
    But i have had a solution to my Civic using this guide: Wyłączanie sygnału inf. o kluczyku w stacyjce

    You are on the right track, with my Civic i tried to drive my car with that connector plugged out, and nothing bad happened. But when i found this Polish guide, where he finds the correct wire to cut and shut off that beeping.
    Today with my accord, i have the same issue, but due to difference in cables (colors) i';m not quite sure, which one cable to cut...

    I also into my Civic done some "restore witch", a simple switch which leaves car in original condition (with the beeping :Smile:) if needed. Just like in the polish guide.
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    Lithuania Julius Vilnius
    @jimjams it is imposible to find ignition switch wiring loom?
  8. jimjams Guest

    I will take a look this evening, but from what I saw, it all goes through the MICU on the 8th Generation Accord, and I'm surprised that @scotsgent found such an easy solution that didn't set the alarm off LOL
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    Lithuania Julius Vilnius
    I think that to! The same thing goes when i done this to my old Civic, plugged out whole connector from the ignition switch and no beep and no error, starts, locks, unlocks, no alarm set off and runs car perfectly fine! :Grin:
    - - - Updated - - -
    Except when you put a key into ignition - dash dials does not lit up (ambient lightening), when you start car - everything is ok. Dash is lit as it should be.
    The only difference without that connector is just no welcome ambient light and, that hateful beep (when doors are opened), is missing.
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    Lithuania Julius Vilnius
    Hi guys, just been driving my honda with disconnected ignition switch plug. And i havent seen any problems at all. The key difference with a plug, when you put your key into ignition switch, the dash does not light up like welcoming lights and a ring where to put your key is not lit up. however there are no beep (if doors are opened). The dash light working fine when ignition is switched on. Just there is no fade in light, when you put your key.

    Here some photos:
    I have been driving with this plug disconnected completely. No errors, no problems. Car is starting and running perfectly fine.
    2016-07-21 21.51.17.

    With this plug connected you can see a light ring where to put key, you have fade in dash light and also the annoying beep when the your door is opened.
    2016-07-21 21.51.26.

    And here is without this plug.
    2016-07-21 21.51.34.
  11. jimjams Guest

    now that I can see that it's 4-pin with the colours white, black, red, grey (or might be green) , I have found the relevant area in one of the circuit diagrams, and "all" that it does is connect red to green (which turns on the light in the switch) and white to black (which connects ground to one of the pins on the driver's MICU).

    I will take screenshots of the relevant areas and upload them ....ypu will see that it gets you nowhere because the MICU's are literally "black boxes"
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    Lithuania Julius Vilnius
    What do you mean 'black boxes'?

    Here is bigger photo for a connector
    2016-07-21 21.50.00.
  13. jimjams Guest

    A "black box" is something that has at least one input and one output but, other than using empirical observations, we have no knowledge of the way the "black box" affects the output based on the input. It could be a step function, linear, non-linear, or a combination of those. The "black box" might also alter the frequency characteristics. Where there are multiple inputs and outputs, the relationship between them can be even more complex. The ANS (autonomic nervous system) of a large mammal is a good example of a "black box", in that the ANS behaves itself within certain limits, but beyond those limits it can cause damage to itself or a part of the larger system that it controls.

    There is no definition available on the way the MICU operates on its multiple inputs, this will only be known to a design group in Honda and, since the MICU must have a processor internally, they are unlikely to divulge the code. Thus the effect of grounding one pin on the MICU can only be ascertained empirically, which is what @scotsgent has done. It's not what I would have done as the consequences might have been irreversible.

    I'll upload the relevant diagrams in a bit .....
  14. jimjams Guest

    Right, here is one of the 8th Generation circuit diagrams with the relevant bit of the ignition switch (click to enlarge)


    It's in the top right, which I have enlarged here


    *4 is the LHD car, and *5 is the RHD car
    the driver's MICU for LHD car is in diagram 14
    the driver's MICU for RHD car is in diagram 16

    diagram 14 ..... MICU LHD car (click to enlarge)
    the white wire is in area C and can be seen as being on Q18 (plug "Q" on the MICU, pin 18)
    the red wire is in area D and can be seen as being on Q11 (plug "Q" on the MICU, pin 11)


    diagram 16 ..... MICU RHD car (click to enlarge)
    the white wire is in area C and can be seen as being on Q18 (plug "Q" on the MICU, pin 18)
    the red wire is in area D and can be seen as being on Q11 (plug "Q" on the MICU, pin 11)


    As you can see, it is impossible to predict the behaviour of any connection in the circuit diagrams of the 8th Generation
    The circuit diagrams are only to assist with tracing of faults, and even then it's annoying the way they use "tags" to jump from one diagrams to another, but better than nothing if trying to trace a fault.
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    Lithuania Julius Vilnius
    Thanks @jimjams for perfect explanation, so in conclusion i ended up with this solution:
    2016-07-26 21.47.54.

    The main concern was the rattles. So tightened plug with a zip tie firmly.
    And no beep, no rattle. Happy :Smile:
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