Dealers/Garages Disappointed on recent visit to Holdcroft Honda Stoke

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    I know I've not been on here for a while and sorry to say only come on here to express my dissatisfaction on a recent visit to Holdcroft Honda in Stoke. I have previously been very praising of their service but not so on this occasion.

    Went to have some work done on my Legend which was needed to pass my MOT I had done there the week before.

    I mentioned a flickering clock at the same time which they said they'd look at.

    Driving home I noticed a scuff on the dash, just behind the clock display. Called up immediately and was asked to send pictures and would be looked into.

    I chased up over the next few days with 2 phone calls and 1 email and was told on the following Monday that the service manager would call me the following week after speaking to the tech.

    Nearly 3 weeks later and I have still not had a phone call.
    After going there for 5 years and spending an awful lot of money there between my 2 cars I can't but feel disappointed over the service received. I'm not fussed over the scuff on the dash as these things happen. It's the way this has been dealt with and the lack of any communication on their behalf, and their reluctance to resolve this.

    This is not a whinge. I have already decided not to go back anyway. I just felt it fair I post this review in the same way as I have done so in the past with the positive reviews.

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    1 They should not have damaged the car.
    2 Failure to communicate with you about this, after 3 weeks is completely unacceptable.

    @Holdcroft Honda does the SM have anything to say?
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