Suspension, Steering and Brakes Disc pads

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    Hey guys
    Im changing my front disc pads and all the guides mention loosening 2 x 12mm bolts with sockets, removing the lower one and hinging the pad retainer top section of caliber up and then to retract pistons, change pads.

    Mine seems to have 2 rubber bungs on the back with allen key bolts, is this normal? They aren't 6 or 8 allen key sizes, I'm assuming they are 7s but I was wondering why I they aren't the 12mm bolts.

    Anyone got any light on it?
    I will go get another allen key set today as mine doesnt have a 7...
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    Hi sounds like that guide is referring to the rear calipers. There's no need to undo the 7mm Allen bolts. You can remove the caliper as a whole unit by undoing the 2 17mm bolts and then the pads and carrier slide right out.
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    depends on the make of caliper fitted I guess, can't remember on mine its a while since I did them, some cars have bolts some have allen key type. The procedure is the same for pretty much al cars.

    Loosen the two bolts/allen bolts, remove the bottom one and pivot the caliper upwards and secure with some rope or string. Remove the pads, (I use a blunt screw driver and pry them out carefully). Insert the news ones , push caliper piston back in (I use a block of wood and G clamp and make sure you apply even pressure to the piston) You may want to remove the brake fluid reservoir lid and wrap a rag around to catch any spilled brake fluid.

    If using genuine pads they slide straight in, none genuine and you might need to file down the little locatin tangs top and bottom of each pad.

    refit and bed them in gently.

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