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    England Colin London
    I have a CR-V which I bought new in Sept of 2005 and have been very happy with.
    For a while now I have had the disk reading error message on my sat nav.
    I took it apart to see if the lens needed cleaning and found that a ribbon of wires was shorting against the case.
    Please see pics attached.
    This is obviously a design fault.
    Could anyone tell me please if I would have joy taking it up with Honda, or where I might get a replacement ribbon wire from?
    Many thanks,
    Colin. DSCF6235.JPG DSCF6242-2.
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    I highly doubt Honda would honour a warranty claim on something that is 10 years old.

    Your best bet would be to send the unit to Alpine - they should refurbish the whole unit for around £200, otherwise you can ask them to just change the ribbon and see what they quote.
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    Found this service on ebay
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    A fair few other members have opened these unit up but no one else has mentioned spotting this particular issue.
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    England Colin London
    Re her being 10 years old. Yes, I would have been surprised.
    May I can buy a ribbon from Alpine and fit it myself. I enquire and post how I get on. Thanks for the feedback.
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    How about finding a scrap one on ebay being sold for spares - might be your cheapest option
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    Never seen a ribbon like that before. I think the scrap yard or used units from ebay etc are worth a go, but you never know, Alpine may sell you the cable?
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    England Colin London
    I replaced the ribbon cable, shown above that had shorted against the case, with the one pictured.
    A very helpful guy named Sami I found on ebay sold me the replacement ribbon, told me it looked different because the type I had was superceded. Something to do with the old type being prone to shorting. :Smile:
    Works fine.
    Sami can be found on ebay:

    Or text him on 07453288830.
    Very helpful guy.

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