Dismaland Bemusement Park

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    I couldn't remember where Weston Super Mare is for the life of me (anyone else in the same boat, it's on the coast just down from Bristol).

    But Dismaland has opened there and it looks worth going to if you live anywhere down that way. Maybe HK should organise a day trip LOL

    Banksy Dismaland show revealed at Weston's Tropicana - BBC News

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    That looks interesting, good to see a derelict site being used for something creative.

    On a related note, did anybody see this yesterday?

    Author Philip Pullman: UK 'Ruled By Barbarians'

    It worries me - a lot - that we are failing to educate our young people, and are instead obsessed with 'training' them from a young age. I think Philip Pullman is quite correct.

    We ignore the arts at our peril.

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    I'm up for a club meet at Dismaland!
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    Some art is a bit preposterous in its "meaning", take Tracey Emin's unmade bed FFS

    But some art is amazingly lateral, and a lot of stuff at Dismaland appears to be that way

    - Cinderalla's coach, crashed, on its side, with papparazzi taking pictures - the reference must be obvious
    - the "hook the floating duck", the attendant saying it's impossible to do, with fish fingers in plastic bags as the prizes
    - the boat people in their boat, hitting the white cliffs of Dover
    - the woman on a bench being attacked by seagulls
    - the crazy golf, where the ball goes into a large exhaust pipe but doesn't come out the other end
    - the security at the entrance
    - the attendants wearing shirts with "Dismal" on their back, and apparently being dismal
    - the title of the place itself
    - the fact that it was all built in secret

    those are just some of the things in the media, there will be far more than that at the place
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    Limited to only one thousand today, for free, apparently there was a very long queue..

    The website for tickets for Saturday crashed, apparently it had 6 million hits in the first 24 hours

    Some say that Banksy was probably pleased at the irony

    Dismaland: Ticket and queue misery at Banksy show - BBC News
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    Some say that the website crashing was an intended part of the 'experience'...
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    I think that maxim used to apply to a certain car forum quite a few moons ago