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    A question i am asked on a regular basis is how to dispense from a 25 litre drum without making a mess all over the floor?
    We have been for some time selling drum taps which are a good little item the only down side is they can leak through the thread if the drum moulding is not good, there are also the pumps which are good but are fairly expensive. So another option we have added is a Jug and funnel set, this should make changing oil mess free and accurate.
    Through these options we have hopefully got it covered.
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  2. Thanks very much for this Tony...after having had the problems you mention with the tap this is now the method I use...sometimes simplest is definitely best.
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    Matt Peterborough
    I think I was one of the 1st to encounter a problem with the tap. Lubetech were very understanding and offered me a refund on it. My issue was the neck on the drum was too short so the tap couldn't screw down it far enough for the seal in the tap to create a seal. After comparing it to the original lid on the drum it was apparent the thick lip on the bottom of the tap made the taps thread too long. My solution was to cut the thick lip off, that allowed the tap to screw down further and create the seal as it should. I've used it since and not lost a drop. :Smile: