Tyres & Wheels DIY Conversion: TRK > Full-Size Spare

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    At the weekend, I decided to convert the TRK > Full-Size Spare.

    I bgt a used 17" alloy and tyre.

    I then removed the foam and inside liner and hacked at it to come up with this:


    With small amounts of back and forth trimming, you get the ideal shape which fits the spare wheel quite snug (you don't need the pole+adapter-so saved a few pennies)

    Then I re-fitted the Honda rubber mat and my previous VW Golf+ cargo liner (fleabay £15). This cargo net I like because it has a zip in the centre which is very handy indeed.

    Ed China "top-tip" I trimmed around the rubber area so that the cargo hooks can be used when required and hidden when not!


    don't think I'll get a job on Wheeler Dealers - but I am a happy camper.
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    Like the thinking fella :GoodJob: I wish I had your thinking when it came to the tyre hold felt cover I threw the thing into the bin :telloff:could have easily done what you have done.. damn thanks that cheered up my day.. JK

    You do know you are using the bottom ISO anchor points for the netting aren't you.. ? also like the fact you cut them like flaps so when removed no dust or debris can fall into the hooks and mess things around :Wink:
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    Thanks- No kiddie chairs around as my kids are bigger now :Smile:

    I was going to throw mine away.

    I then decided to put it in the loft in case the next owner wanted TRK.

    Then I couldn't get it into the loft as it was too wide to fit into the hatch.

    I then came up with the brainwave to hack at it like the proverbial madman.

    These "little jobs" on my car help me sleep at night as I find it relaxing to think about how to do this and how to do that.

    Missus is upset as I don't do DIY yet the car looks spotless!