Engine & Gearbox DIY\How to service for 8th Generation Accord 2.4 Petrol

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    Today was the first time I got my hands on a 8th Generation, I always wanted the opportunity to get my hands on one and work on them & make the comparative differences from the 7th Generation. I have to admit working on the 8thgen has been a joy. Honda has definitely made the entire engine bay highly accessible and there has been a thought process for everything. Working on the car was extremely easy and this How to \DIY guide is to demonstrate the ease of this task. I urge all 8th Generation Petrol owners to give it a try it is relatively painless.

    The patient 2.4 Saloon on arrival pretty clean but washed and detailed once all the mechanical work were complete.

    AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (44).

    Next get the car Jacked up and please make note of this guide for http://hondakarma.com/threads/199/

    Lift and Support Points for the 8th Generation

    AOCUK 8th gen Lift and Support 2. AOCUK 8th gen Lift and Support.

    It goes without saying the engine should be warm before you drain the oil from the engine, once its safely on the axle stands we need to remove the engine cover. You can also remove the manual transmission oil with this cover off . The 7th Generation owners will know the pain of removing the entire plastic splash guard to remove the MTF oil. The 7th Generation does have a small cut out of the drain bolt but by providing this larger cover it makes sense all round.

    AOCUK 8th gen Engine Oil Replacement. AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (14).

    Remove the engine oil dipstick and remove the engine oil filler cap. On removal of the engine oil filler you will notice a thin layer of debris and grit. Make sure you wipe this layer with a moist rag immediately as this can fly into the engine if there is a breeze blowing. Also wipe the dirty engine oil from the thread pitch of the engine cam cover. Also take this opportunity to inspect the filler caps rubber washer to see if is nor deformed and the entire seal as a uniform oil residue around it. Place the filler back on the cam cover but not seated place a cloth over it to stop any flying into the engine.

    Handy Tip The Engine oil filler cap can sometimes be seized on due to the engine heat , place a microfibre cloth over the filler and use a plyer preferably with worn grips to turn the cap. This will ensuring your filler cap comes off easily and it doesn't have plyer grip marks.

    Using a 17mm spanner remove the drain plug and drain the old oil into an oil collector. I use a wide mouth funnel to lessen the oil splatter save up mopping up dirty oil from the ground after you have finished.

    AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (12). AOCUK 8th gen Engine Oil Replacement drain plug.

    It is advisable to wear gloves for engine oil removal for one it messy and two old engine oil is highly toxic and regular contact with used engine oil can lead to cancer. So please take precautions in handing this toxic waste.

    On removal of the drain bolt clean the threads of the bolt and replace the crush washer with a new washer and keep it to a side. Using a Honda oil filter cup tool (see below for picture)remove the oil filter from the car.You will need a 17mm ring spanner to loosen it.

    Make sure the rubber seal from the old oil filter is not stuck to the oil filter seating surface on the engine. Take a clean rag with some petrol on it and clean this seating surface area thoroughly, make sure this cloth does not leave any fibre or stands around the oil filter thread pitch, the threads are sharp and it can easily catch some fibres. The placement of the oil filter is perfect as compared to 7th Generation, it easy to get to and there isn't a mop of old engine oil .it neater and keep the engine block and sump free from engine oil residue. I let the engine oil drain for a good 30 minutes before I replace the sump bolt and torque it to the specified torque settings.

    AOCUK 8th gen Engine Oil filter cup tool. AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (11).

    I like to prime new oil filters with fresh oil before the go into the engine , its a habit but this ensures the after the oil replacement the oil filter is not running dry. The engine oil refill capacity for the 8th Generation are as follows

    At Oil Change without oil filter: 4.0 L (4.2 US qt, 3.5 lmp qt)
    At Oil Change Including Filter: 4.2 L (4.4 US qt, 3.7 lmp qt)
    After Engine Overhaul: 5.3 L (5.6 US qt, 4.8 lmp qt)

    I decant 200ml of fresh oil, for this service I used Fuchs titan race pros-5w-40 previously called Silkolene I poured the fresh oil into the filter and rotate the filter until it reaches saturation point, it reaches this point around 160ml the rest just pour into the engine. Then apply a light coat of new engine oil to the filter rubber seal. I strongly suggest Accord owners and all Honda owners to use only Honda genuine oil filters as they have a built-in bypass system. if you have to use aftermarket one please ensure they have this system.

    Get the oil filter on the thread pitch by hand first then using the cup filter tool torque up the oil filter to 12 N·m (1.2 kgf·m, 8.8 lbf·ft)

    Handy Tip You just have to fill up 4 litres on the DOT. This method is the easiest way to get the Engine oil levels bang on without the risk of under and overfilling. Let the engine run for more than 5 minutes, then check for oil leaks.

    On completion of your checks put the engine cover back dab a small amount of copper grease to aid future removal. Do not over tighten these bolts, torque to the specified torque as per the above diagram.If SvRS is enabled on the car use the Honda HDS software and HIM to reset the service schedule. Since I have the HIM and this is achieved easily.

    Air Filter Change. Honda have done away with four 8mm bolts on the 7th Generation and gone back to clamps. It a simple case of unclipping and the remove the old filter.

    AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (47). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (10). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (9). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (7). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (8). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (6).

    Handy Tip Wear some hard wearing gloves ,these clips need you apply pressure to clamp on and if you are not careful they can cut your fingers.

    Pollen Filter change Again the removal process is an improvement from the 7th Generation no more glove box removal it a straight forward change. Open the Glove box remove everything from it, then remove the shelf holding the left corner and the top right corner gently pull. On it removal make not of the tabs and groves as they need to be grip into the slots.

    AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (24). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (22). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (21). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (23).

    You will be presented with this inspection hatch pull the tab inward and pull out again take note of the tabs and the receiving slots.

    AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (18). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (19).

    You now have access to the Pollen filter hatch again pull the tabs on either sides inwards and pull out to replace the pollen filter cartridge.Replace the old filter with a fresh cleaner pollen filter , as you can see this car was well due for its replacement.

    AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (17). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (15). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (5). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (4). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (3). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (2). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (16).

    More images to follow ..
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    With the service out of the way the car was treated to some pampering first the engine detail.

    Got the snow foam lance filled with Meguiar's Super Degreaser

    Gave to two hits of the in between the hits I am zoran were using soft brushes and give the entire engine a gentle scrub using raceglaze detailing brushes.

    AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (25).

    Gave the entire engine bay two wash using low pressure setting on the power washer without the lance attachment. Then got my specialist engine dryer out :cool: come on you can laugh

    AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (26).

    Dried the engine until it was bone dry , finished the engine with 303 Aerospace Protectant

    The finished engine bay

    AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (54). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (51). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (50). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (49). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (48). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (46).

    AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (31). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (30). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (29). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (28). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (27).

    Then gave the wheels 3 hits of the bilberry and ez brush treatment and got them near prefect without taking the wheels off.

    Car give two hits of Megs Hyperwash via the snowlance and then using the two bucket treatment gave the entire car a wash with a noddles mitt.

    Since the car had two to three coats of Collinite the wax layer was intact

    AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (53). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (52). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (45). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (44). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (43). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (42). AOCUK 8th Gen DIY  (41).

    Didn't treat the tyres with any tyre dressing as the gritter were out in force and the would have ended getting white. Zoran those tailpipes need some elbow grease.
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    i had a very good day mate.car really is easy to work on even for beginner like me.pleasure learning from you about detailing and cleaning.i never thought you could drown engine with so much water.i would never attempt this but now i saw how is it done i will do it. those tailpipes will be polished to be nice and shiny.thanks for letting me use your stuff today and taking time to show me proper way of doing things.i was bit surprised at the state of air and pollen filter,they were really dirty.good result at the end of the day,car got new blood and is clean all round like new.
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    Brilliant write up.

    As Zoran says, those changes clearly did need doing, and seeing genuine Honda filters go in guarantees peace of mind until next time.
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    After driving two 8th Generation Accords I have say zoran car drives better than Brett's car. Brett's car has hesitation which isn't there on this car. The engine noise with the fruity exhaust makes the 8th Generation a wonderful car. The engine is fantastic it really feels more lively and sprited. Fantastic brakes excellent handling with the advans tyres. Awesome. I can't see why people go gaga over German cars, the driving experience and joy is here in this car . I can't wait to get my 8th mugen
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    Your welcome bud any other members who would like any assistance please give me a shout. All work done today was free. It done for the passion and not money. I don't want to make AOC run by people with commercial aspect or motives. It done for the love of Honda.
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    Great write up cj:Wink:
  8. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Cheers Buddy, Thanks goes to Honda really they have made servicing so easy.
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    Just to add to this thread
    i installed sports pedals today,easy job it only took 10 minutes.things you need are drill,rivets gun,pedals and 3.5 mm drill bit


    foot rest just come off and its hold by two clips

    brake and clutch pedals were already pre drilled so i just had to rivet them.accelerator pedal had to be drilled and riveted.
    end result


  10. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Good work mate was the steel easy to drill?

    When we did the sports pedals on my 7th Generation steel was really hard it wrecked two bits.
  11. AccordCU2 Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    brake and clutch pedals were already drilled,just had to rivet them.accelerator pedal was easy.
  12. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    hahaah on the 7th Generation there are no holes. I didn't check ah well we all know now fitting them on the 8th Generation is easier than the 7th Generation.