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    Steve West Midlands
    Hi all, Im intending to do a full service on my 7th Generation 2.4. I was going to raise the front end on two 3ton stands, just enough to get to the sump plug, my question is, will just the front raised allow complete oil drainage from the sump or will i need to raise the car level on four stand, sounds a bit of a dumb ask but i don't want to leave to much old oil in there.

    Cheers Steve.
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    I always just raise the front of my 7th Generation diesel. The drain is at the back of the sump so I can't see it making any difference, may even help.
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    Steve West Midlands
    Thanks Rob thats good to know, the sump plugs at the front on the wife,s Vauxhall, leaves loads in if you jack the front up to much.
  4. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    The 2.4 has the oil drain at the rear as the oil filter so it will aid in draining. I let it drain for 30 minutes job done.
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    As Rob says it works fine raising just the front.

    Good luck with the job.

    I know some people put their cars on four axle stands but personally I think it would be dangerous.
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    Steve West Midlands