Does anyone collect records?

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    Hi guys, wandering if anyone on here collects records. I've had a record player for as long as I can remember, in one form or another. I have this fond memory of dancing around my parents living room when I was 5 to MC Hammer and u can't touch this (affectionately known as daydusties, as I didn't understand what he was saying at the time)

    Anyway I've recently replaced a cheap old sony player that came as a package of a Sony LBT-XG500 stereo.

    I have now replaced it with my av system comprising of

    Denon dp200usb turntable
    Yamaha rxv650 av receiver
    Xbox one
    Samsung UE40H6400 3d led smart tv
    Panasonic dmp bdt110 bluray player
    Going through a pair of
    Tannoy Mercury M3 floorstanding speakers.

    Does anyone have any favourite genres?
    As mine seems to be old club And dance/trance stuff. Wierdly I've even bought Avicii's latest album on vinyl.
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  2. Zebster Guest

    I have a lot of vinyl singles and a fair few albums. I've not listened to any for at least 10 years, but I do have a USB deck if and when I want to.

    The first single I bought was 'Ernie' by Benny Hill (!) and the last was 'Living in America' by James Brown, but most of the singles are various '70s glam, punk and new wave, including a few picture disks and a lot with rare-ish picture sleeves.
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  3. jimjams Guest

    I spent quite a bit of money on my HiFi in 1980-81 and still got it all

    Quad 405 amp with Quad 44 pre-amp
    Rogers Studio 1 speakers on genuine (and v.rare) Rogers stands
    Thorens TD160 deck with Linn Basik arm

    about 100 vinyl albums bought in the 70's and 80's
    no idea how many singles, probably over 100

    I also have a Quad II valve amp and Quad 22 valve pre-amp plus a Quad valve tuner. They all work but the tuner drifts all over the place, and the amp hardly moves the Rogers speakers (because whilst the Rogers 3-way crossover is very good, it's also very inefficient).

    Recently I picked up a Denon amp on ebay that someone was selling locally as spares/repair, I picked it up for £15, downloaded the circuit diagram for £3 and fixed it for £2. Also got a Technics CD player on ebay for £50.

    I actually prefer the Denon and the Technics CD player, much smaller "footprint" than the Quad stuff and Thorens deck, simpler to use, more convenient, and actually the sound from vinyl is "muddy" compared with a CD, particularly when you turn up the volume (the Rogers speakers are 86.5 dB SPL at 1 Watt input, so the Quad 405 will push 106 dB sound level out of the Rogers speakers, and you can certainly hear the difference between vinyl and CD at that output level).

    I like those Tannoy speakers of yours, when I bought the Rogers the other two on the short-list were Tannoy and Mission ("What HiFi"and "HiFi Choice" both had the latter as a good buy for the sound quality). I used to go to HiFi demos and shops and ask for side-by-side comparisons, and the Missions definitely sounded "crisper" than the Rogers, while Tannoys were about twice the price for the same sort of power/frequency response. in the end i went for the Rogers, but I reckon Rogers were over-priced, they sell on ebay today for about the same as what I paid for them in 1981 - £300 which is good value at today's money.

    It's all very different today, for a complete system in money today equivalent to £1000 back in 1981, you could buy a system far superior in every way LOL

    Genres that I like - classic rock (Led Zep, the Doors, etc) and believe it or not, I really like dance/trance as well.
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  4. Harvey Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Sounds like you have a good setup @jimjams though you could probably replace the valves in your tuner?

    I do like the tannoy speakers to be fair and for the price I paid I am really happy with them.

    In my bedroom I have a yamaha rxv350 receiver powering some Akai 3 way speakers, though they do need their midrange drivers repairing now as they have died but still kept them when I temp replaced then with some maplin speakers.
  5. Zebster Guest

    Valve amps and tuner? Oh gawd...
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  6. jimjams Guest

    As a teenager in the early 70's I started off repairing valve radios and TV's for friends ... I bought a couple of DIY repair books from book shops, and my father put me in touch with an electronics technician at the college where he worked who told me that I could get copies of most circuit diagrams from the local library. Most of the problems with low-power valve equipment tend to be the capacitors or the resistors, their characteristics at high voltage change quite quickly with age. To find the cause of drifting in a valve tuner would be time-consuming and it's not worth it, so the tuner is a museum piece which lives in a cardboard box in the loft. I've seen Quad II amps selling in pristine condition for £500, I intend to clean up my Quad II and 22 and sell it, and chuck in the tuner in the sale. The problem with the Quad II is that 12 Watts requires efficient horn speakers (or electrostatics) which are costly and take up a lot of space, if I had the space I'd build my own horn speakers LOL

    What went wrong with the mid-range drivers in the Akai ?
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  7. Harvey Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    @jimjams the midrange died a death as the voice coils died, I've kept them as I intend to get them rebuilt. D.C Boulton do speaker rebuilds for £35 per unit.
  8. jimjams Guest

    In the 70's I was well acquainted with some people who had bespoke 1000W valve amps, I think based on a design from the mid-50's, massive transformers made them very heavy, it took at least 2 people to carry them.

    similar to this

    Nov57 p1.

    Nov57 p2.
    - - - Updated - - -
    I was going to say that if the voice coils are dead then there are places that can re-wire them.

    Are the cones ok and the cross-over components ?
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  9. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    I haven't bought any vinyls for many a year. There is only one rule for my records - DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT TOUCHING THEM! :Baseballbat:

    Currently considering repairing/replacing the mid range units on my 1980 speakers as the foam rings have disintegrated. Alternatively, I may just get an new pair of speakers.
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  10. Zebster Guest

    I built a valve audio amp in about 1979 for a project while an engineering apprentice. It used a push-pull pair of 807s which pulsed blue in time with the bass.
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  11. Harvey Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    The cross overs are fine, the cones are also fine, it's just the voice coils that are dead... oh and one of the two inch tweeters.
  12. jimjams Guest

    what speakers and what make of drive unit, if they're British then you might be able to get replacement drive units on ebay

    symptom of a drooping power supply

    I'm puzzled how that happened, if they were burned out then you should also see some signs of heat on the crossover components
  13. Zebster Guest

    Actually, it's stray electrons causing florescence in the glass envelope.
  14. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    IIRC, they were from Boots, (when they had an Audio Dept.) and were made in Norway. I think they were about £100 at the time.

    I have found compatible replacement units and the foam ring repair kits, should I want to go down that route. Just deciding if it would be better to put the money towards a replacement set of speakers. I may also look for a better amp as my old Aiwa receiver has a very crackly volume control.
  15. jimjams Guest

    "stray" because the anode voltage has dropped
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  17. jimjams Guest

    the echo of an apprentice touching high voltages, they should have kept you near the bin of short circuits

    anyway, other genres I've spotted in my vinyl collection include Carole King, Paul Simon, and Al Stewart

    I understand that @ricksmith has quite a big collection of vinyl
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    I shout all sorts of things at gigs most weekends, yet my witty barbs fail to make the national press.
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    ^ apparently there were two people alleged to have shouted it out