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    I am looking to get a personal website and a domain so I can host my portfolio and maybe keep a blog. Before I sign up to some stupid service I thought I will ask the experts as I know plenty of you are experienced in this regard.

    So for domain I am thinking of buying it from GoDaddy because currently they have a £0.99 offer. Alternatively I can buy the same from NameCheap who are offering it for £8 but have much better support (apparently)

    Does it matter who I get it from? Ideally I would want an email to go with it but not if I have to pay some stupid amount per month.

    For website I like SquareSpace as it will save me from the hassles and I can start off with a pre-made theme and customize it very easily (no coding experience). I think they charge about £9pm so not too bad..

    What do you guys reckon? I need to get it up really fast so want to go for the easiest solution.
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    I would recommend using a UK based company, all fall under remit of UK laws too, I use Vidahost, great company and service, another good one is TSOhost. I got rid of my hosting this year as I wasn't using and used to cost me around £17 a year i think, domain is like £10 for 2 or 3 years at the moment, i can't remember the exact figures, but its all inexpensive.

    For email I would recommend just using the forwarders, you don't need to pay extra for those, if you want your own mailbox then you would, but its pointless.

    For web software, would recommend just using wordpress and use a portfolio theme, ideal for what you want.
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    Leo will be a good one to ask when he surfaces he has a better insight into the best deals out there.