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    As some may have noticed that my dad is looking for a new car and (presently seems to be quite set on a CR-V) while looking around at other dealers (not fanchised, but local ones) and other makes of car. As we where looking a lady pulled in in a Fiat Panda, it had a flat tyre. The owner or sales staff didnt bother to come over and see if she was ok, nor did anyone else. I didnt really want to leave her there with a flat tyre so offered and changed the to the spare tyre for her.

    Thing is how many people out there would bother to stop for someone stranded on the side of the road with a broken down car/flat tyre?
    Perhaps I'm one of a dying breed of helpfull people, or at least not too scared to ask incase you get attacked or accused of rape or something.

    Wasnt too long ago that I stopped for a woman and kids broken down on the side of the road in her landrover. I offered to take them home despite being 20 miles out of my way. They declined and told me the hubby was on the way. But at least I offered.
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  2. Duc de Pommfrit Moderator Staff Team

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    It is always nice to stop and offer help, I helped a lady last year with a flat on her Volvo convertible. She later tracked me down to work and left tubs of sweets for my daughter.
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    That was very nice of her to track you down and bring you a thank you present.
    In fact you are very commendable for stopping as well, not many people would these days, everyone seems so obsessed with getting from a-b ASAP and sod everyone else.
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    Nice to see old fashioned values enduring in the world of Honda. I remember some years ago helping a youngish woman at the petrol station who could not get her fuel cap undone. It was a Vauxhall, Nova I think, and as I'd had Vauxhalls, I knew you had to turn the key one way while unscrewing the cap the other. It had her flumoxed.
    I stopped the other day for an elderly female neighbour on the school run with her grandkids. She said there was a nasty noise coming from underneath her Meriva so I had a look around - and extracted a long twig from beneath the near side rear wheel arch.
    I would always stop to help a fellow motorist where possible but it is as well to be careful not to inadvertently alarm a lone woman.
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  5. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    I'm the same, if I see I can help out somewhere I'll offer to help and not just people stuck with car troubles.
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  6. Nighthawk Guest

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    Its nice that there are still people who do stop and help, I have done it myself numerous times before like others here but the amount of people who drive past a woman on the side of the road with kids in the car stranded is really disheartening.
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    I got out in the ICE and pushed a :tut: big volvo SUV recently. That's my god deed for a month lol
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    Good on you all for stopping.

    I was once stranded on the side of the road near Betws Y Coed, I was sat there for about 2 1/2 houra untill the recovery truck arrived (major failed CV joint) In that time a couple of people pulled into the layby I was in. I had my bonnet up and my hazards on, as kind of a little experiment, not one person stopped in the entire time I was there to ask if I needed any help.
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    Scotland Dave glasgow
    I recently stopped to help a lady change a flat tyre but as already pointed out it's a :tut: disgrace that I had to think twice about it incase she felt threatened in some way.

    A better story is a friend of mine who has a Nissan Navara nipped out for milk that he didn't need when it had been snowing heavily - just because he could. Anyway he passed a bus stop with 6 old ladies waiting on a bus that clearly wasn't coming so he stopped, split them into 2 groups who were heading in different directions, set off with one group then returned for the others, dropping them all at their doorsteps.
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  10. Harvey Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Now that's what ya call very commendable! Your right thoigh about people thinking twice about helping someone stranded, due to being attacked, or being accused of something.
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    Riding my road bike in the Ribble Valley where we lived then, I had a problem with the crank on my machine (a Ribble strangely enough) and stopped outside a church in Chipping which some might know as cycling meeting point, to attempt a fix. As the congregation filed out, they utterly blanked me as they went by. Not one expression of interest even, never mind help. Maybe they'd had a down-lifting sermon?
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    How unsurprising really, yet they preach,"love thy neighbour and good surmariton" etc. Half the time get that from the god squad that go to the church opposite me. Have had various cars on axlestands in the road and in the alleyway next to my place (more like communal access come driveway) and had various scathing remarks about dripping oil, being unsightly etc or just looks of disgust. Thought a couple have talked to me or taken an interest.
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