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    Hi. Last year I tried vinyl wrapping my door cards to stop them getting scuffed but the vinyl now looks crap. The vinyl did do its job and stop the doors from getting scuffed so I need a new way of protecting them. I have now come up with the idea of getting some perspex cut and using silicone and D/S tape to hold it on. It can then still be pulled off if needed.

    Does anyone know where I can get some perspex cut to a custom shape?

    View attachment 9938 door protector2.

    If this works, the design aspect is huge as you can use clear perspex with a printed vinyl to create a custom plaque. Even a AOC plaque:Wink: So if anyone knows of some one that can cut some perspex please let me know.

    I have no tools so can't try it my self.:Sobbing:
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    bud anyone with a water jet machine will be able to cut out Perspex perfectly.AOC plaque sounds intresting.
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    Try Plasti dip if your unsure what it is there's loads of YouTube vids
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    Applied over a few days to build it up heavy enough.

    Able to be removed anytime you wish with no damage to the rest of the trim and tough enough to withstand kicks and scuffs for a prolonged period of time.