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    Hi guys,

    So i have a completely standard head unit in my 8th Generation Civic Type-R FN2. Like this one.
    double din1.
    I really want to put a sat nav module into the car instead and have found this one on eBay but the seller is asking me to make sure it will fit my car.
    double din2.
    I don't have a clue whether it will or not or whether i need to change the wiring loom at all.
    Has anyone done this before or know someone who has? If anyone has done it would they be able to tell me what i need to do?

    This is a side on picture of the Double Din
    double din3.
    And this is the rear of it
    double din4.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    It may physically fit, but it may be more complex than a straight swap.
    The unit you have is the SD Navigation unit. It can also run HFT, but you will need an external microphone.
    Did your CTR come with HFT?
  3. Duc de Pommfrit Moderator Staff Team

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    You will need a GPS module etc, not sure if this head unit also requires an amp.
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    Have a look here @TypeRAliG

    Its possible but looks a big job
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    Not going to lie, have not got a clue what a HFT is. So wouldn't know if I have one
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    Okay, so would one not come as standard with the sat nav unit? Or is that something I need to buy separate?
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    Thank you for the link I'll have a look now.
    If it's possible then I'm up for a challenge!
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  6. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    HFT = Hands-Free Telephone.
    There are many abbreviations on the site. If they are underlined, holding the cursor over them will display the full text.
    The only downside is that occasionally there are words we want to use that are the same as the abbreviation e.g. ICE.
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    You are best off buying the complete connects2 kit and a double din Satnav/stereo

    The sat nav unit should come with a GPS locator surely?

    If not get a unit that can display your phone screen

    Think that's what I will do with my FN2


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