In-Depth DPF Forced Regeneration Information

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    DPF Forced Regeneration Information
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    If the DPF and engine management systems are working correctly then, in theory the DPF filter should never have to be forcibly regenerated by the use of your Honda HDS or MVCI tester during the cars life.

    However ,in reality, many things can influence how effective this unit is and if any forced regenerations are required. For example using the vehicle only for short trips, idling for prolonged periods, the use of non DPF approved low ash oils or even high bio-diesel contents fuel will cause the DPF filter to become clogged to the point that a forced regeneration has to be carried out.

    Honda have instructed dealers if they encounter any cases of vehicles that may require a forced regeneration but then return again shortly afterwards requiring another regeneration to be carried out then they need to submit a Track to the Dealer Technical Support team first prior to any work being carried out.

    In their tracks the dealer will detail the regeneration history (how many times and dates/mileages etc) along with a snapshot of the diesel system with the engine at idle and the DPF state data. To aid Honda in their investigation they also would also like to know if the vehicle had any issues prior to the Oil Level Increase Recall.

    Dealers should use the latest ECU patches, this is to aid not only our diagnosis of the issue but also to aid our overall understanding of DPF related issues. Once Honda have this data we will then analyse the data and advise on the best course of action.

    There can be different repair methods that we may suggest based upon the readings we obtain and in some cases a replacement DPF filter may be required. However for cases occurring on vehicles that are outside of warranty a DPF cleaning solution could be used as an alternative to replacing the filter.

    One such cleaning product ,that we have tested, is supplied by Wurth

    Please remember that this product should not be used on any model that is still within the warranty period in case of any DPF replacement needing to be carried out and the old part having to be returned to the relevant factory for investigation.