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    Honda TSB SN-03-001-00 dated 06-03-13 affecting CR-V I-DTEC RE6 all 2013 model year production

    The Symptoms

    DPF system malfunction warning lamp illuminated.Driver will also detect reduction in engine power with limited maximum engine RPM.

    CRV i-DTEC DPF Warning.JPG

    The Cause
    ECU software error causing misdetection of DPF particulate (PM) quantity.

    The Fix
    Engine ECU software modified to prevent DPF PM misdetection. The dealer has to carry out engine ECU software update using latest
    software HDS version 3.007.011 (Jan 2013) or later.

    This fix will take in excess of 30 minutes to apply,even if you are not experiencing fault yet it is advisable to get the ECU updated ASAP. Please go into the nearest dealer.

    Important note: This update also resolved other issues so it vital to get this update.which will be discussed on septate threads.
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    Re: 4th Generation DPF Malfunction Lamp On

    Just a bump for all 4th Generation CR-V owners in case they have not seen this :Thumbup: