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    If your cars is fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) you must make sure you have the correct oil, this year Exol developed their Low Saps 0w30 LSH (low saps Honda), this is a manafacturer specific oil designed for Honda's with DPF
    Its only available as a 25 litre and although it may seem a lot to shell out in one go it will save you a small fortune in the long run

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  2. Thanks for flagging this up Tony.

    The 8th Generation diesel Accords have DPFs so this applies to them, although the 7th Generation diesel Accords don't have them.
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    Right oil for Diesel Particulate Filters

    Often asked question is which oil to use where Diesel Particulate Filter is fitted (DPF). The Exol product is a bespoke 0w30 blend designed specifically for Honda's, hence the name Optima LSH (Low Saps Honda) 0w30

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    I am increasingly being asked about Diesel Particulate Filters and What they do, here's a brief overview

    A DPF, or Diesel Particulate Filter, is an after treatment device fitted to the vehicle to reduce particulate matter from the exaust gas. These particulates are captured by the filter and then burnt off at the exaust temperature.
    Using incorrect oil will cause premature blocking of the DPF system which in turn will increase the exaust back pressure causing increased fuel consumption.

    Thats pretty much it in a nutshell

    As more and more cars fitted with DPF filter through to the aftermarket its becoming increasingly confusing and the which oil question comes up time and time again
    Here on the forum Exol's specially developed Low Saps Honda 0w30 is readily available. So hopefully that answers any concerns
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    Oil ordered, thanks :Smile:
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    did you use our discount code?
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    oh yes :Smile:
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    United Kingdom pricey south wales
    Hello i'm in need of oil for my 8th generation 2.2 I DTEC, could I get the discount code please? cheers lee
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    Unfortunately you aren't eligible yet.
    Further details on this link.

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