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    Having recently purchased a used door master switch sold as to fit 03 - 08 models ACCORD TOURER that disabled my key fob, but allowed me to start the car, but had no other working functions, I have compiled a short list for members who may need to replace their door master switch, and who may encounter the same result I have.

    I re connected my old switch in comparison that only really suffered from loose switch rockers, and all functions ie tailgate, doors, windows, central locking, operation were restored.

    I do not know if there is a sync reset sequence that may marry these incompatible components, but I am assuming that they operate within certain IR frequency parameters for the keys, and that one will always be out of range / sync with the other.

    So as far as I am aware, the door master switch is specific to the year of manufacture and are as follows for an ACCORD TOURER DIESEL

    If you are seeking a used switch, ensure this sequence of numbers ( to match your car year of manufacture , from the list below ) are on the side of the unit that will be facing the inside of the door when installed, before purchase, to avoid disappointment.


    YEAR 2004 35750 SEG E01

    Owners from 2005 - 2008 are better served with the same part number :-

    YEAR 2005
    2006 35750 SEG E11

    Year 2009
    2010 35750 TLO E21

    This is as far as I could get from the reference source, Lings.

    If there is a known way to snyc incompatible components related to this , could someone add it to this thread, for future reference.
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    Its always the case always get parts off the VIN, each MTOC have unique functions and the electronics are customised to that spec.