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    My 7th Generation accord has developed a rattle in the driver's door - I hear it when driving over rough road and/or when bass over loudspeakers. I think it may be the door handle cable rattling against the door panel. It can be made to stop by pressing against the panel just above the handhold.

    I don't especially fancy trying to remove the door panel myself to take a look and was wondering whether anyone has tried getting a dealer to fix this or a similar problem? If so - was it a success and how much did they charge?
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    It's a tricky one to put a price on. Chances are the only cost will be labour and maybe a few clips. It'll probably be an hour to do the job and with what main dealers charge probably around £60-£80!
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    The door card should be pretty easy to take off. I googled accord door card removal and found a great video. It only takes me 4 mins to remove the panel now. Mine is an 8 gen but I can't see it being that different.
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    Thanks guys. I may try doing it myself - I've seen some guides on the Internet and it doesn't look too hard.
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    I had the door cards replaced under warranty on my 7th generation car, twice on the drivers side and once on the passenger side. The rattle on uneven surfaces really is annoying and very noticeable in such a quiet, refined car. I certainly hope Honda have changed them in the 8th generation cars.
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    I have two 7th Generation and both of them have been perfect what you see in your case an isolated problem on your car or down to poor installation of door cards by the technician.

    No such issues with the 7th and 8th Generation I am afraid
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    Hmmm. The rattle comes and goes but certainly is annoying. There's also a rattle from both B pillars - it's just these minor things which take the edge off an otherwise brilliant car. I've tried to isolate where the door rattle is coming from but can't find anything obvious. Who knows - perhaps my pressing and tapping the door card will have stopped it!
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    Mine does this on passenger side. If i put window down a bit and then up it stops. I can live with it for the time being.
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    Get the door card off and have a look it is very easy.

    The cable is set in a plastic clop and I suppose it may be knocking. A small soft thin bit of foam type stuff, you know the sort of thing you lag pipes with would sort it out. Unless the clip has been damaged in some way that is.

    Will take you less than 10 mins to have the whole thing apart..

    Good luck
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    Thanks for the advice - due to lack of time and poor weather I've ended up getting a friendly local garage to look at it today, we'll see if they find anything. I'll post any findings. Not tat hopeful tho as it's now hardly making any rattle - typical!
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    Well no real surprise - nothing obvious found, but tightened up some screws etc. great garage tho - they didn't charge me anything! Let's see how it goes over the next few days, fingers crossed!
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    It's been a while since I've used this site so howz everyone doing? :Smile:

    My accord has developed an annoying rattle such as the one experienced in this thread and I would be very interested to learn if the actions taken by eternal422 re: the garage work carried out above had any luck in finding a solution to his/her own accord's rattle?

    Thanx in advance,

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    Gary can you please PM me with a suitable username we can't have your email address as a username . You are leaving yourself wide open to be spammed to kingdom come.