Body, Paint & Styling drivers door replace

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    just removed and replaced complete drivers door , regulator, door lock , handle and wiring harness, took loads of pictures so if you need any help ? just respond or send me a messege .cheers takleberry
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    TackleBerry why don't you just create a DIY guide of how you did it ?

    Don't forget there is now a prize for best DIY Guide of the month

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    Yes please we encourage you getting dirt under your nails :Smile:
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    Yes please make a DIY guide because I am looking to replace my passengers door one of these weeks. Reason being is I got into a bit of an accident whereby I got hit on the side whilst my car was stationary on the street. The damage is pretty bad and I'm looking to replace the door since I've canvassed around and found an exact copy fr cheap. Before I want to install the new one, I got the locks changed from the door I bought. Called up a locksmiths greenwich (who are nearby to my place) and they came over and changed the locks. I advise anybody to do so if doing a project as such and it doesn't cost much for those guys to do their job anyway. But anyway, seems pretty easy to replace a door and since I stumbled on your post I actually would like to see your pics before giving it a go.

    How was the wiring and harness when replacing the door?