Optional Extras Driver's side Floor mat for 2006 Honda CR-V

Discussion in '3rd Generation (2006-2012)' started by Spud, Friday 30th Nov, 2012.

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    Can anyone recommend please (other than ebay) where to buy a good quality, hard wearing floor mat for the driver's side of my 2006 Honda CR-V please? I have good quality original Honda accessory mats in the CR-V but of course the driver's side wears more; I bought a new mat (non-Honda full set) only a year ago, supposedly good quality, yet the driver's side has deteriorated badly. I only need the one mat!
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    IIRC correctly Honda does sell single driver side mats,however you are wearing them out quickly. I would suggest have rubber mats for the winter months and revert to the carpet mats in the Spring to Autumn time.

    I have them in my 8th Generation and they are fantastic quality and has a thick lip around the edges to made sure the water retains on the mat which is spot on.

    can't see an aftermarket mat lasting longer than rubber mats TBH and fitting and working perfectly for the car. Last thing you want is the Toyota effect:Blink: :lol:


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