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    Hey all,

    I have a really unusual problem, it could just be just the cold, but hey, here goes,

    Ever since owning my car the window has always be a bit dodgy, it normally worked around 90% of the time but sometimes, it wouldn't go down, which when going through a drive through or putting that ticket back into the machine so the barrier lifts up at the multi-story car park, is a bit of a pain!.

    But as of recent I wound it down all the way, and on return up it struggle and the safety mechanism kicked in where it thinks something is stuck so winds back down. So I had to give it help in hand pulling the window up gently as I wound it up.

    Having Googled that, I then cleaned all the rubber seals around the window hoping that would help, which it actually did, seemed to improve things, I cleaned them with soapy warm water and a toothbrush, loads of ming!. Window was still working fine at this point.

    Now to cut the story short, my window doesn't want to wind down at all now, It's as if the old fault has returned but this time it isn't intermittent.

    What is a bit odd however is that the relay clicks when pressing the door switch which would leave me to think the motor is faulty, but I think it might be stuck somewhat, with the weather not helping too. I just want to get a heads up before I have a poke, I have read some other threads that state the window track might need cleaning and re-lubing, but I wouldn't even know where to start in regards to getting the door card off?

    Does it just pop off? There doesn't appear to be any clips from the outside. I've managed to pop the window switch assembly out, but there isn't much slack on the wires so I just popped it back into its place.

    Any technical diagrams or images of the inside of the door card would be greatly appreciated :Wink:

    Ideally I need to give the window mechanism a good service as it is considerably slower than the passengers side and now that it doesn't actually go down, I now only realise how useful a window actually is! :Tongue: You do know what you've got until it's gone eh! :Wink:

    Cheers Guys,

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    If the window is not winding down sounds like there is an issue with the window regulator or motor.

    Oddly enough we don't actually have a guide for the 7th Generation Accord door panel removal :Sorry:

    From memory though, the door handle (which opens the door) has a screw in it behind a little cover.

    Also where the switch assembly is, where you put your fingers to push the door (sorry this is tricky without pictures) there is a rubber mat, lift the mat and you will find a screw under there, remove the screw. Also you will have to unclip the connector of the switch assembly (a little odd that yours is so tight)

    Next take off the little plastic panel that covers the bolts to the outside mirror.

    You can now start unclipping the door card.

    If you can take pictures and do a guide that would a be great service to the rest of the community :Wink:
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    Chris Nottinghamshire
    Cheers Speedy, I might have a bash next weekend, I will certainly do a write up if I do it :Wink:
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