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    I have just renewed my driving licence (10 year limit hit), so a friendly reminder to everyone to check their licences for its expiry date. Licences are only valid for 10 years from their date of initial issue (not the date passed - I've been driving over 20 years in different countries)

    If you don't know your expiry date, look at your card licence, its section 4b. If you have changed addresses/name etc, this does not renew your licence. Section 4a shows the date that specific card was issued, if for example, you changed address/name etc.

    At moment, its a £1000 DVLA fine if your licence expires, but even more importantly, if you are stopped by the police, you will have your vehicle taken off you (Section 165 Road Traffic Act 1988) you will pay towage, storage and release fees, plus a £200 fine for having no licence and will likely have to attend court (courts tend to not be very lenient against people with expired licences and you could easily be banned as a result). Your insurance would also then become invalid as you are driving without a licence and you could face further fees and charges through that as well. If you happen to have an accident and your licence is expired, it opens a whole new world of pain, especially if someone gets injured as a result of the crash.

    So, check those licences people. Took me 5 minutes to renew it online and cost £14.
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  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    I renewed mine a few months back as I had spotted the renewal date.and used the online service and it was seamless. It used the picture from my passport so saved me taking a new picture.
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    Good call, mine expires in 2 years I think, do you have send an updated photo?
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    Not if you have a valid passport - they just take the picture from that. There is no leeway on this either, if you submit your renewal the day before, the fact that the application is in means nothing, you have to have a valid driving licence, an ongoing application is irrelevant.
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    If you are 70 then licence must be renewed then it's every three years after that.
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    Renewed mine online two months ago.
    Received new licence in post in just a few days.
    Very easy to do it online.