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    @MickyB what on earth is going on here?
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    Those aren't gear shifts, they control giant paddles on the outside of the truck to whack any cyclists who fail to get knocked over by the truck in the normal manner.
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    Driving a splitter box don't have to be so complicated. My old one had a single shifter with the range change on a little lever
    on it. Typical American crap. taking both hands off the wheel. To be fair though, the large custom levers is something you
    normally see on Australian road trains. :Smile:
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    Apparently this guy converted this to have 2 levers and then 3 ... but yeah more of a show piece by the looks of it.. but what is it doing? they are not changing gears?
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    My guess would be, left one range change ( bit like high/low on a transfer box) middle one, normal gear shift.
    Right hand one, who knows. Bit pointless and all for show. He wouldn't last 5 mins around here!! :Devil:
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    What a crazy design. How can encouraging a lorry driver to take both hands off the steering wheel and take his eyes off the road possibly be a sensible thing?
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  8. jimjams Guest

    Watch the video from about 5:17 on. In the beginning he moves the center lever only. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th.

    At 5:31 he flips the skull shifter moves the main shifter back to the 2nd gear slot. This would be 6th gear. Next shift he pulls the main out of gear and flips the left shifter, puts the main back in the same slot. This would be 6th over or 7th, depending on how your looking at it.

    At 5:39 left and center levers both come back. Your in the 3rd gear slot on the main trans, but high range. So now your in 7th direct, or 8th gear.

    5:45 flips the main into neutral, flips the splitter puts the main back into the same slot. Call it 7th over or 9th

    5:48 Moves the splitter back todirect, main box goes to 4th Call it 8th Direct or 10th

    5:52 he flips the main into N again, moves the splitter puts the main back in the same sllot. 8th over or 11th

    5:56 both levers back, main is now in 5 th gear position the main High range splitters in direct. call it 9th direct or 12th.

    6:03 flips the main out of gear, changes the splitter back in the same slot with the main. 9th Over or 13th.

    Conclusion. It's a modified 13 speed road ranger. The skull shifter and the one next the steering wheel are normally air actuated with buttons mounted right on the shifter. So it's not anything special. In fact he is showing off, there is absolutely no reason to keep taking the main in and out of gear when he is splitting.

    plagiarised from here

    btw if you have a cat or a dog, turn that youtube up loud and see what happens
    indeed in some circumstances it might be useful played over something like this

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    Is it me or did anyone else get irritated watching the video? Like just get a proper truck without :tut: 100 shifters on it.
  10. jimjams Guest

    I was also irritated by the noise, quite a few comments about that under the video

    Apparently the normal 13-gear has a couple of buttons on the side that do the job of those daft scaffolding tubes