Aftermarket Kit DTUK Re-Map Box

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    Hi - Thinking of ordering a DTUK box for my Accord 2.2 I-DTEC EX GT - anyone had one fitted? what have been your experiences?

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    how much are they and what gains/ claims do they advertise?.........these boxes rarely provide anything but what they claim and simply change the injection duration fooling the ECU, just piggy backing off the injectors. normaly resulting in more problems that it is worth. also with a I-DTEC there are many more pitfalls, DPF, pieso injectors, remap detection to menchon a few. for a start adding more fuel is only going to clog up the DPF and possibly adding fuel to your oil during re-gen. a tuning box cannot monitor or adapt what is nessisary. its allso a relativly new engine to these tuning firms. i suggest you tread with causion but ultimately it is your car and your choice afterall
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    Cost £350
    - Standard 150BHP (as we know)
    - Chipped 185BHP... not bad..

    It has four adjustable maps on board for adjusting to your driving style etc - seems ok but yeah...
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    take it with a pinch of salt buddy. my advise is spend the £350 elsewhere. will you get a warranty with the box? clutch slip, new clutch, multiple visits to honda for DPF re-gens, a new DPF filter? oil dilution, engine running on its own oil?. not trying to scare you but they are all posibilities i am affraid. is the 35bhp worth taking the risk? maybe a propper tuning company could give you some sort of warranty but perhapse only for a year. and thats a propper remap not a box delived to your door. i would list these possible problems to the company and see what they say. i very much doubt they will pay for a new engine if failure was to result or a new clutch/DPF. take a long think on it and do your research.
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    Hello Bruce,
    Totally agree with Beefy, it's just not a proper way of tuning your engine. I think you're find a remap is cheaper anyway, certainly no dearer.
  6. Hi Bruce

    If you're thinking of a re-map have a word with our affiliated trader Celtic Tuning - they have years of experience and know what they are doing, they offer an insurance-backed warranty, and they do a special price for AOC members.
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    You guys have helped - I'll take a look into Celtic Tuning and get a quote - thanks!

    I know you can't expect miracles with a re-map without bearing the brunt in terms of replacement parts etc in the future - I'm just looking to increase the efficiency of the overall vehicle from what I believe is a slightly underplayed set-up from Honda in order to accommodate the average driver. Just want to get the most I can out of it without compromising it's reliability.
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    Ok spoke to Celtic - they seem to be offering some impressive gains - from 148bhp to 221bhp for the 2.2 I-DTEC 08', without engine detriment...

    So I booked in for later this month - I'll let you guys know what I think once it's done, if you like.

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    Rather annoyingly though - they don't offer discount for AOC members on anything other than the CDTi (older model I believe), thus the I-DTEC is full whack... :Frown:
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    Keep us posted will you be going down to their base or using one of their mobile engineers. It would be great if you could do a end to end write up
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    using their mobile engineers - yep sure thing.
  13. Celtic Tuning New Member Getting Started


    apologies, our developers had been working on our new mobile application which caused our site to unexpectedly go down. With regards to the pricing on these vehicles unfortunately, due to the time consuming nature of the work and the anti-tuning protection on the ECU, we can not offer discount on these vehicles at present.

    If at any point the process alters in which to complete the vehicles, then we will indeed offer a discount structure for the I-DTEC range.


    Celtic Tuning
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    Guys I think I've rushed into this a bit, silly me.

    Stock 148bhp
    Re-mapped 221bhp (claimed)
    an increase of 73bhp! almost a 50% increase in power!

    sounds very impressive, but its coming across as too good to be true at the moment. I'm not entireley convinced that it won't cause detrmient to my engine/drivetrain in a short space of time.

    In regards to Warranty - I belive my manufactors warranty has experied, so the 12 month add on provided by Celtic won't apply to my car...

    Cancelled the appointment for the time being - I'll do some more homework! :Smile:
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    We have completed numerous remaps on the Honda I-DTEC engines without any feedback of any detriment to the vehicle. We can achieve 211bhp but BHP does not cause damage it is the torque and how the torque is delivered.

    The point is that peak figures for lbft are 255lft upto 299lbft is only approx 18% increase. Second to this peak value is moved from 2,529 RPM up to 2,898 RPM to ensure the dleivery is extremely smooth and ensures you drive train etc is engaged and in motion before the power is provided.

    If you do wish to reschedule then please contact our booking team. If you have any further questions to enable you to do your homework then please feel free to ask.


    Celtic Tuning
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    Hi Bruce. Do you have a dyno chart of a previous dtec at all? On another site your chart link doesn't work any more. :Frown:

    Also how much extra BHP/torqure do you get with the DPF removed?