General Dual Clutch move over.. Honda files patent for triple clutch 11 Speed

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    Honda Patents 11-Speed, Triple-Clutch Transmission » News

    The Japanese patent describes how the third clutch will be used to reduce the drop in torque that you get with a dual-clutch transmission. Theoretically, that would also mean faster gear changes. And with 11 gears, the engine would presumably be better-able to get improved fuel economy, as well.
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    I wonder about all this tech. The CVT gearbox is a great solution that can be developed further and the older torque converter is better - in my experience - than most double clutch efforts.

    Honda should maybe plough its own furrow and not be swept along with 'fashion' technology.

    On the plus side, at least a Honda triple clutch gearbox will be well engineered and reliable.
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    Egads!! :shock: