Off-Topic Dual USB Mains Charger with mains pass through

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    Came across this little thing
    Masterplug Surge Protected 1A USB and Mains Charger - Black

    I was interested in it but reading the description it's uncertain whether it's 1A total across both USB ports or 1A for each.

    Also it claims you can use it for iPad but I thought iPad (and other such tablets) needed a 2A charger.

    If it had a 2A and 1A output I would have gone for it.

    Does anyone know of one of these things that does have a 2A and a 1A output as well as the pass through mains socket ?

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    Actually just reread the spec :-

    Total Output: 1000mA

    Useless ! Why make something like that and not give it enough juice