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    I was just browsing and saw 'OEM' quality replacement suspension arms and wish bones (with ball joints and bushes) available at cheap prices.

    I know they are likely never to be as good as Honda original parts, but when you consider our 9 year old Accords with 150+k miles are worthless, are they worth a punt off you find your bushes/joints need replacing?

    Has anyone tried them?
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    I know what you mean,

    What is the seller selling "OEM" quality can mean whatever they want it to mean and quality could be questionable. I wouldn't want a wishbone or any other part to fail while I was driving due to poor quality of items used in manufacture. Alot of stuff comes from China these days (Audi BMW Merc) and ranges from good well made to utter rubbish.

    I would message the seller and find out more about the "brand" / origin of his item/s if he is honest he will tell you and you can make a more informed decision. Otherwise give HH a call and see what they can do. With the club discount if is often I have found worth while. They are also very helpful bunch..

    Good luck bud..:Thumbup:
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    Just to be clear, I don't need to buy any if these (I hope).

    its a question to see if anyone has actually purchased/fitted these components.

    I might message the Sellers just to see what they day though.

    I've fitted pattern parts to my golfs in the past. The bits were miles cheaper than vag parts. Sometimes they fit/worked perfectly, other parts were returned as they were either poor quality, did not fit our did not work.

    We always hear of original Honda parts being supplied and fitted (rightly so), just wondering if there are some people on the forum who quietly fit pattern parts but don't say anything about them?

    I'm curious to find out about their experience. Especially as some of our 7 Gen Accords are worth very little, a big bill for original bits could send the car to the scrap heap... Where as a cheap pattern part might make it feasible to repair and get a bit more use out of the car, even if it is not quite as good as it would be with original parts.

    Any one out there who regularly uses pattern parts on their accord?
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    I recently used Eicher brake discs and pads for the rears as I needed them urgently. Got them from Eurocarparts for £42 for everything. Quality seemed spot on and improvement so far (the old brakes were worn though). Usually always opt for Honda normally.
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    well in this instance there is no need to buy the entire arm as all the bushes are available as spare parts or as pattern parts.

    why change the OEM metal arm that does not take the battering it the bushes.
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    Very good point!