Suspension, Steering and Brakes Eccentric bolt seized

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    So I've bought some new tyres as one of my rears was badly unevenly worn. Took it to a 4 wheel alignment place only to find one of adjusting bolts is seized solid. That's not to say they're not all like that.

    Anyway, we couldn't use heat to budge it as it's rubber and quite rightly reluctant to use more force because if it snapped I'd be the the creek etc etc.
    So this is the issue ...

    Resized to 40% (was 1024 x 576) - Click image to enlarge P1010163_zps293deb11.

    This is seized. ^^^

    Can I get bushes for it from Honda or maybe poly bushes? Has anyone replaced these? Any supplier recommendations? As I assume it will have to be destroyed to get it off can anyone point me in the direction of part numbers or what to actually ask for i.e bolts etc

    Cheers Spud.
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    Hi Spud sorry no one has look at your thread till now.These nuts are known to seize however if they use a pneumatic gun it will come off after soaking in penetration fluid.

    The bush in question is not available on it own it comes part of the lower arm spring Assembly item 10 and 11.


    If you do damage the bolt you can still get a new one item 37.

    let us know what you end up doing.
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    Well its been up on the ramps and it's not looking good. I've got movement on the bolts but only 45degs each way. They then lock up. This doesn't suggest the bolt is free in the bush as it would rotate all the way around, unless it's designed to only give so much movement.
    I think it's the insert in the bush moving, probably broken away from the rubber bush somewhat and tuning the inside of the bush.
    Looks like 2 lower arms are going to be needed to sort it properly. Anyone any idea of the rip of cost for some new arms for the sake of 2 bushes. :Angry:
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    Did you manage to sort it out? I am having the exact same problem (outer edge of rear left badly worn) and adjustment seized. Was quoted up to 250 for the labour!!
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    Hi, yes I got it sorted in the end. Unfortunately it's not good news if the bolt is totally seized in the bush. You cannot buy the bush separate from the lower arm so you need to replace the whole assembly. They have to saw the bolt either side of the bush to get it out. The arm is attached with 2 more bolts on the lower shock and the hub. If they're seized solid they will have to be destroyed to get them off as well.

    I did both sides as both eccentrics were seized so had to buy 2 arms, 2 shock bushes, 2 hub bushes and the bolts to go with them. In the end managed to get the bolts out of the shock and hub without damaging the bushes so I've got them over. Honda wouldn't take them back either and they aren't cheap.

    To do one side £250 sounds expensive. I took it to an independant and got both sides done for less. It can turn out to be a pig of a job but unless you're willing to keep replacing tyres and not have your wheels pointing in the wrong direction you have to bite the bullet and get it done.
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    Guys to avoid this in the future please thoroughly wash your cars undercarriage every spring.. yes washing the undercarriage will ensure this won't happen.

    Have a look at this
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    You'll have to excuse my ignorance but how will washing he underside stop the bolt corroding to the bush? Washing won't even penetrate the area. The only thing that will stop this is to take the bolts out and apply grease before refitting. Having seen the bolts on my car it appears Honda can't be bothered to do it. Unfortunately if you take the eccentric bolt out to grease it the chances of it going back in exactly the same place would be rare so it's another wheel alignment job. Once it's done though it's done.
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    I have had two tourers with over 11 years of ownership between them and I have never had an issue with the bolts. Both tourer get annual wheel alignments and yearly undercarriage washes . So it don't nothing to do with penetration it needs to be clean..dirt and caked on road grime makes bolts seized. No amount of grease will help either. I never had issues with any bolts on my cars as they are clean.
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    I think you've misunderstood the problem. It's not the nut on the end of the bolt that's seized. It's the bolt through the bush. No amount of washing is going to stop that. The only thing that will stop it is grease on the bolt to stop corrosion between that and the bush. I'd suggest the reason you haven't had issues with your bolts is that you get your wheels aligned every year therefore turning the bolt and breaking any bond of corrosion between that and the bush.