HVAC ECM module location

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    Hello ,
    i have a Honda CR-V 2.2 Diesel. 2008 .
    i need to locate the ECM module to repair the output driver for the air con relay.
    does anyone know were it lurks ?

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    have you checked the A/C compressor relay? who has diagnosed the ECU?
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    The compressed relay is fine .
    remove relay and short out relay contacts, compressor working ok.
    with relay removed coil voltages are 12v which is the supply side of the coil.
    the switched side is sitting at 3.48v. This is not correct .
    Need to look at the driver transistor or fet .
    That is why I need to locate the location of the ECM.
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    passenger footwell behind the kick pannel. it could well be a low A/C gas situation and the preasure switch via the climate controll pannel is stopping the 12 v switch output to the relay. i take it you bridged the relay contacts and the compressor clicks over?. you should check the gas preasures. have you introduced yourself to the community yet? would love to hear about you and your CR-V. there is quite a number of CR-V owners on the site now.
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    Thanks for the reply.
    the system has just been re gassed by advanced radiators , upon finding it not working they asked there auto electrician to look at it.
    he checked for error codes , none.
    checked relay , ok.
    shorted out relay to prove compressor , ok.
    left it at that as he says voltage on the switched side of relay should be 0v but was 3.45v.
    this told him that what was driving the relay was faulty.
    he would have followed this up but was late for customer appointment .
    i checked further and found the signal to drive the relay was from the ECM module , output on B45 ( red wire).
    hence why I need to locate this module.
    as a electronics engineer I may be able to save some money by repairing the unit.
    As to introducing myself, this is my first time on a forum and i basically don't know how to do this yet.
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    Here you go bud Introduce yourself if you are going to repair the unit please do a DIY that will be appreciated.
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