Fuel Efficiency Economy tips!

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    Just got a '06 1.8 VTEC Civic! Got 40 MPG out of it so far, with some mixed driving, but would like to strive for more!

    Does anyone have any advice about driving economically?
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    I'd imagine it would go something like this :-
    • Keep weight to a minimum
    • A/C off
    • Windows up
    • Keep car maintained
    • Correct tyre pressures
    • When slowing down, slow down as gradually as possible
    • Don't coast in neutral
    • Coast in gear letting engine slow the car down (modern engine switch off injectors when coasting)
    • Build up momentum gradually and try to maintain it (so in slow moving traffic leave a big gap and try to avoid stopping and starting).
    • Change gear at the appropriate point for your engine (not uber early and be in like 5th gear at 25MPH - that's the wrong approach). For petrol engines this will be close to 2500RPM and diesels around 2000RPM.
    There's probably loads more that can be done too.
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    One that works well is to imagine an egg between the accelerator and your foot, don't push hard enough to break the egg.

    Motorway speeds kill MPG, in mine 75mph about 6km/l vs. 60-65mph 11.5km/l (granted its shaped like a brick).

    A crazy one I've seen work quite well is if you only do short trips is to delete your alternator and ac or change the belt to bypass and get a deep cycle battery that you charge an the end of the day, drastically increases fuel economy but a bit of a risk, you keep the fuel but might just run out of electricity.

    This 65+ Vehicle modifications for better fuel economy - EcoModder.com give an idea of mechanical mods you can do broken into price vs increase. In general driving style has more to do with fuel economy than modding the car though.
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    Good forward observation / forward planning giving rise to minimal brake application. :Smile: