Bulletins & Advisories ECT2 Sensor and Harness Corrosion Repair Method

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    Honda have issued a revised TSB previously posted outlining a few changes to the part number. TSB# Bulletin No SL-02-001-03-UK dated 11-06-2015, for the following models.

    ModelModel CodeModel Year
    Civic 3DFN1 & FN4All
    Civic 5DFK1,FK2&FK32006
    Civic HYBRIDFD32006


    MIL light is on and DTC P2185 is stored, the cooling fan may run constantly

    Corrosion of the ECT sensor coupler caused by moisture entry.

    Replacement of the sensor and coupler rectifies the complaint.
    Repair Method
    1. Remove the coupler from the ECT2 sensor. See diagram below for component locations
    2. Inspect the ECT2 sensor for corrosion. A judgement will need to be made regarding the amount of corrosion on the sensor. If the sensor pins are excessively corroded the sensor will need to be replaced.

    3. Inspect the ECT2 sensor coupler for corrosion. If any corrosion is evident you will need to replace the harness section.

    Parts Information
    Please note that harness repair part number 32200-SMG-ZS00HE is no longer available due to stock depletion and removal from aftermarket
    manufacture. We have identified a suitable replacement coupler which can be used to carry out the repair successfully.
    The part number is : 32118-S5A-900. This can be ordered through your normal parts ordering (NPS) and will no longer be covered by DTS goodwill
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