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    Using a J2534 generic passthru diagnostic tool and the free Honda Pass-Thru Reprogramming J2534 software (version 4.9) I was able to read the current program ids.

    I have the latest updates already applied from the Honda garage therefore the diagnostic tool/software did not find any updates that could update.

    I don't know if this of any interest but for my CR-V 2013 AWD 2.0l automatic these are the program ids:
    Current Program ID
    PGM-FI + AT/CVT/DCT:37805-R6F-F610
    ABS/VSA: 57114-T1E-G240
    MICU: 38808-T1G-E520
    AWD: 48311-R7L-E540
    METER: 78109-T1E-S210

    My question is:
    How can these program IDs be useful to us?? Thanks

    Honda Pass-Thru Reprogramming J2534 software (version 4.9) here:
    Last link on the page downloads the latest software.