Engine & Gearbox Ecu remap - Celtic?

Discussion in 'Honda N-Series' started by cmskatz, Thursday 25th Oct, 2012.

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    I've seen Celtic and P Torque both mentioned but only one review on P Torque which did sound good. Anyone else had experience with these or other tuning companies? Have contacted Celtic and performance gains sound impressive but would have to use mobile service. I'm in the midlands so I can get to P Torque and have full dyno readout of difference and know exactly what I've got for my money.
  2. Loads of people on the CivicInfo forum have Celtic remaps so check out the feedback there.
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    I'm happy enough with P torque so no complaints from me. If you check there Facebook page you'll see a few months back Jaguar sent them a car to develop a map for. I think the touring cars he did have done OK and they've remapped some Audi R8's . Who ever you use, the car should be mapped on a dyno or road. All the time I had a scooby I'd never seen or heard anyone opt for a map by uploading a generic file. Maybe ECU's have moved on but I'd rather a car be put on a dyno so you know what's actually happening to the car. ie intake temps etc. Celtic do have a dyno so if you choose them I'd make the effort to go there. If p torque are local then just pop down and have a chat. It won't cost anything :Aghast:)