Eddie Stobart driver jailed

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    Not an English Lorry driver I must add. :beer ::drunken::drunk: hic hic
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    Total disbelief when I saw this what an absolute moron.
    These people come to our country with licences they have bought on the black market or whatever they have in their own countries they say they can drive a truck and that's the results. I hope that Stobarts review their checks on the people they are employing I the future.
    My company is very strict and I have heard some horrendous stories about drivers who have turned up for assessment and can't speak English and don't know the Highway Code or can't even understand basic road signs. One guy had studied the question paper we us for over 20 minutes without answering a thing when asked if there was a problem he said to the assessor you answer them for me so I get job, I have wife and children to support at home and red this job!!!!!! Very quickly shown the door.
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    United Kingdom Brum
    Blame EU
    Vote out people or we are DOOMED.
    Now where do i buy one of this licence Mick?You seem to be well informed.
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    From what I gathered there are people sitting in obstrusive parking areas in caravans etc and these guys turn up pay up and bobs your uncle there's your HGV licence. But don't quote me on that.
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    Asda drivers seem to be just as bad!!!