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    This '90 hatchback should be a show car, the way it shines like a million bucks, but it's too busy blasting 9-second passes

    Like a lot of drag racers, Canadian Mark Gentile got his start on the street. "I have to give credit to my boy, James, who took me for my first blast in a B18C5 swapped EG Honda Civic hatch many, many years ago. When we pulled out on the street and he let it hang First through Fourth, my life was changed and would never be the same again, lol. In the winter of 2006 I acquired a 1990 Integra, and any time or money I had was spent on that car. It was my daily driver that started with a stock B18A motor that lasted a couple months until a small t3 turbo found its way under the hood (shout out to my boy Matt, who gave me my first turbo kit)."

    ’s Fastest 4th Generation - Honda Tuning Magazine ’s Fastest 4th Generation - Honda Tuning Magazine

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    760whp/470lbs from a B16 !! Wow that's going some !