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    Will the flow of exhaust gases through EGR lower file mileage if it's blocked any ideas
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    Yes fuel efficiency can be affected if the ERG system is not performing within it optimum range.To expand the basic task of the EGR system reduces oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions by recirculating exhaust gas through the EGR valve and the intake manifold into the combustion chambers. This hot gasses atomises the fuel better and keeps the engine running cooler...allegedly the diesel boys have a different opinion of it :lol:

    How does it work is pretty simple:Smile:. The ECU memory includes the ideal EGR valve lift for varying operating conditions that is preset. The EGR valve lift sensor detects the amount of EGR valve lift and sends it to back to ECU.Then the ECU compares it with the ideal lift in its memory preset, it also takes in reading from other sensors also to get an accurate reading . If there is any difference between the two, the ECU cuts current to the EGR valve to move the flap.That is it really!

    Now the 6th Generation has a notorious problem of clogging up the plate with carbon affecting the flow of gasses. You can have a look at this thread by Leon http://hondakarma.com/threads/1466/

    Search for the thread in the 7th Generation Accord section i have done a thread on the K20a engine.

    Last but not least

    When you remove the EGR port plate and clean out the all the galleries and in the plate and the four holes on the top of the inlet manifold itself. methodical cleaning will give you excellent results. If you have a code reader look for the DTC code P0401. That is tell tail signal of the plate being clogged.

    If you get stuck just ask. :Thumbup:

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