Bulletins & Advisories EGR Pipe Crack. Accord i-DTEC 8th Generation Accord Warranty Extension

Discussion in '8th Generation (2008-2015) [Acura TSX]' started by Ichiban, Wednesday 2nd Nov, 2011.

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    Read the whole thread now, should I be asking my dealer about Window seal and Airbag recalls that have never been mentioned to me?
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    Hello everyone.
    Job done.
    The pipe was already welded - I bought the cars second hand from Italy ... don't know why the Italian welded it maybe didn't know about the TSB.
    Anyway they welded it good also painted the welded part with special paint for extra protection.
    Drove in high traffic home and can not tell how it is, but I see no difference so far. Will report back.
    If it breaks again (hope not) I will order the new pipe...guess the price will drop until then or I will never need it. :Smile:
  3. Naeem New Member Getting Started

    Other night whilst driving then comming to standstill in car park , noticed unusual smell comming whilst slightly window open .
    Having a quick visual around , noticed a puff of smoke by passenger headlight. Lifted bonnet up and noticed passenger side area with puff of smoke .
    I do hear slightly an air leakage sound when revving from same area and want to investigate where smoke is comming from and air sound.
    Any suggestion or advice what this could be ?

    Where is the exact location of this EGR flex pipe so I can firstly eliminate this before doing other checks ?

    Any procedure or photos will be much appreciate from members .

    Accord 2008 8th Generation , 2.2 I-DTEC
  4. Naeem New Member Getting Started

    Any chance you can provide step by step guide to fit this pipe?

    Time taken to do job?
  5. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    That is one of the reasons many of us have a Honda!
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    Guess that guy is very skilled - see my comment. The pipe is very inaccessible.
    Btw the engine now seems louder to me and I feel vibrations from it idling. I'm not sure if it was that way...maybe I did not pay attention before.
    I did sound and vibration insulation on the front doors...I will do the rear ones too soon. I have the console insulated too.