Exhaust System EGR Pipe location?

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    Scotland Terry Fort William
    2009 Accord Tourer - 2.2 - I-tdec

    I have detected a 'whispering burble' from under the car which can be heard when giving the car the gun, usually not heard under 2000 RPM.

    It sounds a bit like a leaking exhaust but this has been checked out.

    I did wonder about a cracked or leaking EGR pipe?

    The noise is not apparent when stationary and with my head under the bonnet is not detectable when the engine is revved.

    It is engine power related (EG at its worst pulling strongly uphill). it can be detected more easily when driving alongside a tall hedge or wall when the noise is amplified but can also be heard (more quietly) on the open road.

    Is it possible to visually examine the EGR pipe?

    If so, any tips as to how and where it is located?

    My car does not posses an engine under-tray - I wonder if this is a normal engine noise which can now be heard because the under-tray is not there?

    First though, I would like to check the pipe.

    many thanks, Terry
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    Scotland Terry Fort William
    Yes - thanks - I did see the thread.

    My symptoms don't include any smell.

    If I could get at the pipe then I could fairly easily rule it out (maybe with a soapy water test).

    Currently though, I have no idea where it is?

    Cheers, Terry
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    Looks like it's at the rear of the engine under a cover.

    @Zebster can you confirm please
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    ^ yep that's a very useful diagram that I put in the other thread, major differences in some areas on the 8th Generation diesel :Wink:
  7. Zebster Guest

    Major differences compared to what?
  8. jimjams Guest

    ooh pishy-wishy there are substantial differences in some areas, between the N22A ICTDI in the 7th Generation (which is in your car) and the N22B I-DTEC in the 8th Generation

    this is the same diagram for the 7th Generation
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  9. Zebster Guest

    Well yes, I guess that practically everyone already knew that! It's a completely different engine with the inlet and exhaust the other way round.

    I actually thought that you were suggesting that some 2.2 I-DTEC engine were different to other 2.2 I-DTEC engines!
  10. jimjams Guest

    I'm actually puzzled why they even called it N22B, it ought to be N33A (or something like that)
  11. Zebster Guest

    The numbers would need to be 22 in reference to the capacity but yes, odd that the engine is still an 'N' series. The similarity in the engine codes is unwarranted, given that no parts are interchangeable.
  12. jimjams Guest

    ahhh just testing LOL

    should be OMG22A