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    Friend of mine has a 2011 CR-V diesel with 110,000 on the clock. Developed diesel smell coming into the car has been told its the EGR valve pipe and needs replacing at a cost of £400 (think at that price its the valve itself)

    Just out of warranty due to the mileage but although told by the dealer there has been no recall for this, a owner of a Accord tells him there is?

    Anybody else had this problem and if there was a recall?
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    The dealer may be technically right in that there is not a recall, but they are being economical with the truth. There is actually an extended warranty on this part.

    Search the forum for the DTC. It might well be under the 8th Generation accord section.
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    2011 engine will be an I-DTEC engine so the same warranty extension will apply.
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    Could this fault affect the I-CDTI engine? My CR-V has developed a strange noise when pulling in third gear, it sounds like wind in a hollow pipe and gets raspy? It appears to come from the left side of the engine. can't hear it when stationary and revving the engine.
    Only appears when the engine is warm.
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