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    I know this a very basic question and I have been searching! I have a 2004 I-CTDI Accord which is looking more and more like the EGR may be giving a problem (perhaps it has a right to after doing over 186K miles) Would anyone be able to tell me where the EGR valve is? :Blushing: Thanks in advance.
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    it's under plastic engine cover attached to intake manifold this is how it looks
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    Thank you, for your reply! All cleaned and being put back together now, but not as dirty as expected so it may not have cured the fault. Can't wait to try it up the road!
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    Did it work ?
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    Yes it did! No misfiring or holding back, thank you :Smile:
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    God I live this place :Smile: glad you sorted it bud

    Keep changing your oil and get it through here and save a few £££