ICE & HFT Electric Aerial Mast

Discussion in '6th Generation (1997-2002)' started by flyerphil, Friday 20th Dec, 2013.

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    Like an idiot, I went through a car wash the other day with the aerial still up - its now bent and won't go up and down.

    I have been browsing looking for a replacement. used ones available for about £20 and even cheap Chinese new ones available for same price. The problem is you have to take out the panels in the boot area to take old one out. Bit of a job.

    However I have just found out you can just replace the telescopic mast, by undoing the nut and pulling out the old one which has a toothed plastic cable - well according to a youtube entry you can.

    They can still be had from Honda for £28. Has anyone on here had experience of doing this??

    I would welcome any advice or comments. :Thumbup: