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Discussion in '1st Generation (2004-2011)' started by Tris, Monday 11th Aug, 2014.

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    Been nearly a week since the new Alternator and the Mrs emailed me a photo today of the engine management light on again?! Not going to get home until tomorrow now to check it out but after fitting the replacement alternator I was getting a healthy 14v across the battery with a Multimeter.

    Battery fitted is a 100AH battery now YUASA so not a cheap one but I'm not ruling it out until I get home, previous battery was a 97AH but I can't see the extra 3AH being an issue right? Frustrating not having the OBD kit to plugin and I refuse to pay for a garage to charge me for 'diagnostics' as I think its a rip off. Wifes work sell OBD readers but the last one I plugged in wasnt of the correct variant so it was no help. Any pointers to begin fault finding this one much appreciated.
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    I very much doubt the battery will be the issue, Yuasa are a very reliable brand and often fitted to Hondas as OEM.

    As you say, the best port of call is going to be getting the codes read - only then will you truly know where the issue is. Thing is with generic ODBII readers, they'll be able to read general fault codes but none of the Honda bespoke sub-systems for that you need HDS or Snap-On diagnostics (both very pricey). Take a look at this thread for ODBII reader reviews.

    Unfortunately you're quite a while away from any of us with HDS systems to read the codes for you.
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    I'm thinking that it'll be some other issue. Need to get the codes read.
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    Will see what I can find out. Mrs said the light has not returned again this evening. I miss the simplicity of the LED blinking in the footwell of my 2nd Generation CR-X

    Appreciate the replies