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    I remember from my Vauxhall days you could "acquire" a copy of the Vauxhall/Opel TIS (Technical Information System). It's essentially a workshop manual dealer technicians use when diagnosing/fixing cars.

    Is there something similar available for Honda? I've seen/read stuff about HIM and HDS but not entirely sure if any of that includes software you can run by itself (i.e. without needing to connect to a diagnostic tool/computer of some sort).

    The lack of Haynes manual available for my Accord is a little annoying and I'd like to learn how to fix things on my car myself. Obviously I can ask people stuff on here and that's great but I'd like something to refer to first before posting up any "help me!" type threads. :Smile:
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    We don't have anything to do with illegally copied Workshop Manuals/DVDs. Originals are available from Honda, but are not cheap.
    If you ask on here, all the information for your CM2 is available. It cannot be posted up as it will breach copyright, but it can be referred to.
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    Genuine workshop manuals do turn up on ebay now and then for a reasonable money.I bought mine on ebay which i just found in one of the boxes after looking for it for long time.
    They look like this 20150410_232347. .
    Can`t see any at the moment but keep your eyes peeled and one might turn up.
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    Thanks guys.

    Well it doesn't necessarily have to be from Honda, but it would be nice if it was something computer-based. I can't remember the name but I'm sure there was some American site that offered a similar thing online but it was subscription-based. It was for most/all cars. As the Accord sells over there I'm sure they might have that model too.

    Oh well, back to guesswork/asking questions/searching on the forum for now lol
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    Google is your friend. :Wink:
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    Thanks for your contribution to this thread.